Warzone EP

by Art Block



Recorded at Soup Studios, Limehouse


released April 24, 2017

Produced and mixed by Art Block and Dan Blackett
Mastered by Mike Hillier
Piano, vocals, guitar - Art Block
Cello - Will Thorneycroft
Violin - Maria Kroon


all rights reserved



Art Block London, UK

Art Block is a singer-songwriter from London.

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Track Name: Islands
Stony ground the leaves are gone,
We had a chance but we were wrong,
But the desire we don't feel,
Hoping that this hell will heal.

All the islands in the sea,
They don't fail but we don't feel,
A falling ocean in the sullen sky,
And all emotion of our disguise.

The protest movement has gone astray,
While we fail it fades away,
And I try to make amends,
But I just get the bends.

Sometimes - I don't care what I stole,
Sometimes - I don't fear getting old,
A lone star, wandering and now I'm thinking about this suffering,
A lone star, from afar, I may be there if I'm faking.
Track Name: Warzone
I could live in a stone white cave,
I could be how you behave but I don't,
I could breathe in toxic fumes, all at ease in my god given doom, but I don't,
Night skies gonna break like fibres, I'm a gonna sell my soul for a fiver but I won't
Stop, I'm falling.

And all that I wanted, all that I needed, is right here in my sphere,
I'm a ghost that's haunted, histories taunted with the pain of distant memories and I sing.

I could be so indecisive, I could be so imprecise but I won't
My thoughts may be difficult and I'm burned by every fault I'm a man
Stop, I'm falling
Track Name: Deep Water Jar
The poet and the father sings
What we know we bring, we store our things in the deep water jar
The client and the sailor fall
What we know at all, won't harm our thoughts in the deep water jar

I know we sing, I know we drink,
But we can bring a lantern to our hearts.
Track Name: Lanterns
I trooped myself across rivers for you, the ocean wept, no forgiveness for you,
I found myself lost in the street, among the pines and the smell of defeat

Ooh ooh, my love

A lantern burns, the fire returns,
And creatures speak and we're not so meek

An ocean breeze brings me to my knees,
A distant star fading from afar
Track Name: Sleep Last Night
A little loneliness, a little lovely dress that you wore
And all the skies are bare, I wish I was not there to see the light
And I will be the one and I will be the sun
I could not sleep last night, I could not sleep last night

You were not even there when I sang to those faithless people
Perhaps another beer, you may not even care, you might be restless

I could not sleep last night I think we had a fight

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